The Ant

I thought about the ant the other day. It is so very small. So small and yet it does a lot of what people do. It goes places, eats, builds and lives in a community where it plays its part to the survival of the entire group.

But the ant has such a small brain. I wonder if you can even see it with the naked eye.

So that just made me wonder: Our brains are SO BIG in comparison and yet how much more do we do than live just like the ants do?

I think we could be spending more time learning more, using our imagination and creativity to create, to innovate, to change the world. We only need 1 millionth of our brain to live like ants do… lets push ourselves to do more, be more, create more with the other 99.999%.

One Reply to “The Ant”

  1. If you haven't done so already, go ahead and watch "Limitless", I think you will enjoy it. It's a very underrated movie in my opinion. Nice post. Really, the capabilities of the human brain and the human imagination should be put to better use and we should try to push ourselves every single day. 🙂

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