Los Angeles here I come!

Every year Manchester Business School send 8 students to compete against the best business schools in the world in what is called a “case study competition“.

In such a competition you are given 24 hours to read through a pretty thick report on some company, analyse their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and then propose a corporate and marketing strategy using the latest business models and with supporting financial information – think of it as what consultants get paid millions to do in several weeks, we have to do in 24 hours. No one sleeps, and 24 hours later your team has to present to the directors of that company and then get grilled with some hardcore questions.

In preparation our team will meet every Wednesday this year for 5-7 hour sessions where they are going to teach us some really cool stuff – how to talk to large crowds, how to use our voice and stage presence, how to answer corporate questions, working under extreme pressure, analysing company data, preparing effective presentations and a lot more. This is going to be really useful stuff and I am super excited.

What’s even more awesome is that they pay our flights, accommodation and once the case study competition is completed, we get to party even harder than we worked. LA… Los Angeles… the city of Angels… CALIFORNICATION!!!

I’m excited, can you tell?!

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