Back in Black!

Good old blogging, back in business!

So, summer has finished and my last year @ uni is about to hit me. Things have changed… oh how they have changed.

I decided to stay, for the greater part, in Manchester this summer. Why? Well the weather is shit, United were not playing, and I had to watch all my friends enjoying their summer in exotic locations around the world… oh wait, those were the reasons why I shouldn’t have stayed. The REASON why I did stay is because I decided it is time for me to start doing what I’m going to do when I graduate… run my own business. But that’s such a broad statement. It’s like saying, when I grow up I’m going to have a career… it says nothing. What business? What industry? What market? These are the questions I asked myself.

So to begin with I got myself some office space at Manchester’s business incubator for graduates: Innospace. I then decided to start a company which does what I had been hired to do for the past two years, only I planned to do it better and be my own boss! Here’s my elevator pitch for this business:

“I am running a marketing agency which specialises entirely on campaigns which target the student community. My potential clients are any business or organisation which wants to reach the student community with their product, service or social activity, and wants to do so using a variety of traditional and innovative marketing approaches.”

So its not a big business and my market is a tiny niche, but I am very good at what I do. I have 3 clients so far of which one has already given me some repeat business. My website, if you’re curious, is

So, this is how I have decided to begin but I am already taking on other non-related ventures as well. Summer has been hot, business hot, and some of my ideas are coming off the paper and turning magically into products. Watch this space!