Make Your Own Biltong – Recovering from Nostalgia

Three weeks alone, it has been interesting.

At one point I went through a period of nostalgia and nothing fights off homesickness like some biltong.

A lovely cut of silverisde beef, some help from eBay and all the great (and some odd) ingredients made me, after 7 days of waiting, a delicious South Africa snack.

4 Replies to “Make Your Own Biltong – Recovering from Nostalgia”

  1. Awesome informations, merci beaucoup à l'article de l'écrivain. Il est compréhensible pour moi maintenant, l'efficacité et l'importance est ahurissant. Merci encore une fois et bonne chance!

  2. Pretty post-Nice. Je viens de tombé sur votre blog et je voulais dire que j'ai vraiment apprécié la navigation de votre blog. En tout cas, je vais être abonnés à votre flux et j'espère que vous écrire de nouveau bientôt!

  3. Hi
    Glad to see you made some. We live in Texas and it is really humid here – we get a science project growing before we get biltong. So in winter time, I make some using a dehydrator. Dehydrators are not to expensive and they make biltong in about 36 hours, flat with grids from the shelves but it is the taste that counts!
    Actually, thinking about this…… I think I might need a batch in time for Christmas….


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