WHAP – Work, Health, Ambitions and Play

On my way to work today I indulged in a lovely walking meditation. After a while I began to think about goals, dreams and the meaning of life, you know, typical Monday morning stuff.

I thought about how I treat all objectives in the same way, rarely thinking about priority and importance – some things just need to get done. However when I missed my little brother’s birthday on Friday, I realised that categories and assigning priority to different goals and events in our lives, might be a good starting point for also achieving a balance between different goals.

So I thought about my categories and decided at this point in my life I would say they are:

  • Work
  • Health
  • Ambitions &
  • Play
… with the likelihood that family and charity or giving back will feature more prominently later in my life.
Thinking about these categories I also realised that two are more short term orientated (work and play) while the other two (health and ambitions) require a longer term approach.
All my ramblings aside, I think I have definitely seen a shift towards more play and work with my health and ambitions being largely ignored during the last few months. So as it is Monday, my weekly planning will start off with a view towards what I am going to do to get in shape and work towards some of my dreams and then fit in the work and play goals around.
I feel a catch phrase in the works here… Just WHAP it!?