Power Rangers – A tough battle ahead

The now infamous “social media task force”at work, had its first meeting today.

In true “you can see I was recently a student” style, I came prepared with a Powerpoint presentation, handouts for everyone, wearing an “I Love Social Media” t-shirt and really enthusiastic to get the ball rolling. You see, I absolutely LOVE change above all things. Change keeps life interesting, always something fresh, a reminder of our mortality.
However, not everyone loves change…
The meeting was not bad, as such, in fact it was exactly what it should have been. The people that are in the right positions at the company to help me, gave me feedback which was useful and insightful. But the challenge of creating a culture within the company which embraces social media, is going to be an uphill battle.
Change has become both my super-power and my kryptonite.