You’re invited on an SEO adventure…

This post is an invitation written specifically for the MDs/CEOs at SEO agencies and/or SEO experts.

Four years ago, we started what was then known as Rare Pink – an online retailer specialising in engagement rings.

At the time I had learnt a bit about SEO and had also learnt the hard way not to trust remote or dodgy SEO agencies, after being burnt by one in India.

So we did our best to produce great content, to get featured in high domain authority media publications and to optimise on-site following list-upon-list of best practice on-site optimisation tasks and suggestions.

We grew our organic traffic to about 10K a month – and while not news-worthy traffic, it was highly relevant to drive sales and most of our sales came from organic in 2015 and 2016. We ranked in the top 3 results for exactly what we offered: custom engagement rings and bespoke engagement rings and we had made progress with many of other engagement ring related keywords.

Then we rebranded to Taylor & Hart in January 2017. Initially, we did not lose much of our organic traffic, but slowly we started losing, a lot, with the floor being about 40% of our previous traffic.

So sought out advice from one agency, and then another, and then another. With each one, we rolled out changes on the website, improved the re-directs from Rare Pink and internally we produced a lot of content. We’ve since started seeing a recovery in the past few months (but it is slow).

At the same time, we got one high domain authority link after the other. We grew our Moz Domain Authority to 52 – and while I realise DA on its own does not guarantee SEO success, I thought it may signal a deeper recovery than what we’ve seen.

Sadly, it has not. 

Some keywords, where in 2016 we were slowly moving closer and closer to page one, we no longer rank for at all and most of the keywords where we ranked have fallen many pages down.

We’re producing 10x content that is long form, with media and keyword optimised. But not winning from this strategy.

Some examples:

So now I am trying a different approach.

I believe I have an above average understanding of SEO, but I am not a pro. I am trying to grow the business and as CEO, I am involved in every part of our company. As such, I feel having a “pro” on the team that focusses on SEO, is the best way forward – be it an advisor or an agency.

I am also finding it exceptionally hard to choose the “right” partner. The ones’ who we have been referred to in the past and we’ve tried over the years have not helped us see the kinds of organic growth we believe are possible.

We have the content and technical team to make any on-site improvements needed quickly. We have a backlink profile that is growing through outreach and features in relevant and high authority websites. Our domain authority is higher than most of our competitors who are ahead of us in the rankings.

I believe we should be performing far better in the organic results than we are, but not sure what the missing piece of the puzzle is…

Competitors with SEO performance that surprises us (given what we can see), are:

So I am inviting SEO agencies to have a closer look at us (we are happy to provide GA access, or any other access needed so you can have a look under the hood).

If you, like me, feel there is an easy win here, let’s become partners.

We are in the middle of a fundraising round at the moment, after which we will be expected to grow really quickly and have a decent budget to allocate to growth.

We have raised investment twice before successfully and already have £600K committed on our £1.5M round. You can see our investment presentation here, if you’re interested.

We would like to find a partner where our goals align, and who is willing to agree on a performance model with equity and/or revenue sharing from organic growth.

If you have a closer look and find there is low-hanging fruit to be reaped from the Google tree, but not interested in a performance compensation model, make us an offer:

What it would cost to make the improvements needed to see growth in our organic traffic?

We will choose the best partner for us by the 15th of September. Hope to hear from you soon.