Remembering 2010

As part of my new year’s resolutions I want to make sure I get more memories, thoughts and ideas down on paper (or in this case, my blog). Having seen the Daniel Kahneman video on the two kinds of happiness – (1) the experience and (2) the memory of the experience, I know that dwelling on the past is the latter, but still, I can’t bare to think that when I’m old and grey I will have to rely on my foggy memory alone when remembering the good old days. So here goes, 2010 in a nutshell:

Started the year off in Bulgaria with my family, with an unexpected 19 degrees on New Years Eve. Only 2 weeks later it was minus 10.

Got onto the Manchester Masters graduate programme after a video selection process… luckily they didn’t choose us based only on our video making skills; there was a gruelling two-day assessment centre in March as well. 

Went to Seattle in April (my first time in the States) and had the most amazing two weeks – a highlight of my time at university. Thank God for the volcano erupting in Iceland – which kept us there for another week.

Wrote my final exams as an undergraduate and then took my lovely Vaivara to Venice on our way to Bulgaria.

Graduated in July with all four of my parents there to see it:

Started the Manchester Masters programme in July and and have so far worked for Love Creative and Expotel.

Lived with 8 of the Manchester Masters in a city centre flat, doing “come dine with me” nights, X-box marathons with Tom and a trip to Amsterdam during our break.  

In terms of social networks, since starting the programme, most people I meet have lead to an increase in my professional network on LinkedIn with very little growth on Facebook. I wonder if this means most ‘friendships’ are made while at school and university?

Spent a lovely white Christmas in Manchester with some of my closest friends (more like extended family):

HD version here
Merry Christmas to everyone and may your 2011 be prosperous, healthy and happy!