Exceptional Expotel Expectations

New placement, new challenges.

If I had to compare my first two placement companies, the only similarity they share is that they are both agencies – but very different agencies at that.

Expotel is the largest Hotel Booking Agency in the UK. They handle business travel solutions for clients including the government and Virgin Media. After a week I knew that this was the pefect time to be here; the company was ready to embrace a range of changes to the way they do business. There is a real buzz in the small meeting room on a Monday afternoon as I strategically plant words like “social media”, “SEO”, “pay-per-click” and the occassional “AWESOME” into the conversation.

I’m excited.

Looking back I realise that perhaps I didn’t have the maturity or courage to implement some of my ideas at LOVE but I think I’ll do better this time round.

And then there’s all the benefits. Business trips to London, attending the World Travel Market for two days next week, an inter-agency pub quiz and its only week 2. Then there are those awesome “familiarity trips” where hotels invite us to stay over for free (already booked myself for three).

However, as was the case with Love, the most important benefits of all are the lessons, sometime daily, I take away which are relevant to starting and running your own business. I’m taking the “How to’s” but also the “How not to’s” and hopefully by the end of the Manchester Masters, I will be 4 years more ready to be an entrepreneur, from one year’s experience. Expotel for another 10 weeks… Dabs.com next.