Movies that Move us

Only three movie this year have blown me away… keeping me thinking about them, the message and ideas they carry, long after the credits had passed.

Two of them had Leo as the lead: Shutter Island and Inception, both of which were highly anticipated and Hollywood at its very best. Their directors, Martin Scorsese and Christopher Nolan also need no introduction.

While the first two were a feast for the eyes and a stimulating mental challenge, the third, which I watched last night at the Cornerhouse, was an amazing emotional and spiritual experience.

The film is Argentinian, subtitled and its director is Juan José Campanella, who interestingly enough has directed quite a few House episodes and a famous Argentinian director; but other than that, I had never heard of him before and as I don’t particularly like reading subtitles, I wasn’t certain what to expect.

However, the movie won an Oscar for best foreign language film this year and with 8.3 on IMDB, it ranks in the top 250, so we still had high expectations.

More than two hours later (and I had no idea it has been that long), Vaivara and I left the cinema in a state of awe, what a movie!

So I just had to blog about this experience, with the hope that at least a few of my friends take my advice and watch this fascinating movie. If like me, you are fascinated by the grey area between right and wrong, fair and unfair and the inner battle we face every day between mundane activities and the people and dreams that really matter… the Secret in Their Eyes is a must see!

P.S. The Cornerhouse is still showing it in Manchester, and they do a fantastic deal on Mondays and Tuesdays: a movie, pizza and glass of wine/beer for £12 – check out the Reel Deal