Pearls of wisdom – Back to School

So kids what have we learned in class today?

First of all, apparently its not who we know, but who knows us; suggesting that perhaps it will be more worthwhile to pursue smaller industry influencers in an attempt to promote your brand, than the industry titans who will consume your energy and time, with little promise of results – and it does come back to results, ROI and all that jazz.
Lesson after lesson, I feel like I’m back at school. Apparently businesses and people who keep going on about social media, social networks and so on, are overlooking what Brian Solis is referring to as the “world’s largest untapped social network” – e-mail. While it appears we are spending less and less time on e-mail and more on social networks, the opportunity to use those massive e-mail databases that companies have in attempt to lure clients and prospects to their SM profiles means that, if realised, companies can shift their communication from one-way to two-way, from simply saying, to engaging with clients.
So with these two thoughts in mind, my mental image of the task at hand while working for Love, is slowly starting to form.
Keep it real.