How I Long For Friday

Friday, oh Friday!

It’s also Follow Friday on Twitter, so any love would be appreciated – @nivoda.
After a week that has just flashed before my eyes, I am sitting at my desk at work, perhaps an hour before home time and I am thinking to myself, I absolutely love this. And while I do still believe more strongly than ever that I was made to do it on my own, be an entrepreneur, this experience is without a doubt the best preparation I could have possibly asked for.
Lessons learned in just a week include:
– the importance of decentralisation
– Pancake Fridays make people happy
– Music in the office is good
– Twitter is distracting, yes, it decreases productivity, no! I’ve spent quite a bit of time on it, but by doing so I came across a social media event I attended, found some great reports and research for my audit and am well on my way to changing the way my company communicates, internally and with clients.
– people are the business, not the entrepreneur – no ‘i’ in team
Bring on the weekend, bring on the good times, but then when its all over, bring on the new challenges.
As a final note, Inception rocked… bring on the lucid dreaming!