It All Begins…

My poor neglected blog, I am sorry for leaving you for so long. I know nothing will make up for it like a few regular posts in the next few days.

So I have started my first placement at Love Creative and it is proving to be a fantastic although very busy experience.
Some of my Manchester Masters colleagues are complaining that they do not have enough work to do, and yet here I am, 4 projects, and a few more if I manage to get the first few done.
Despite the elegant chaos that is the work within an agency, I find the informal communication lines and collaboration between people of various functions quite a wonderful way for a business to work. The fact that it does work so well here is a mental note for me and any entrepreneur who might be tempted to start a business using some traditional organisational structure.
The buzz all around me is Social Media and I was not surprised to find out that one of my main projects would be related, and suddenly I’m off to after-work workshops, tweeting with industry leaders and reading case studies of successful use of SM within organisations (e.g. BT and IBM). Tomorrow, Chris and I will hopefully create a so-called “Task Force” which will assist me on this project.
Anyway, better get back to work.